Pushing the boundaries of what is possible

Pushing the boundaries of what is possible

Maritime industry shifts towards digitalization in several aspects and segments taking advantage of new technologies. Intelligent vessels are built with the vision of them operating unmanned, but what about the work done from the offices at shore? Operations and disbursement processes are still done manually, ignoring the rise of the digital revolution that other sectors have already embraced.

Existing stakeholders, such as ship owners, management companies, and charterers seek change within their disbursement accounting departments. They appreciate that their practices need to change and become more effective and efficient.

Launched in March 2020, the Harbor Lab e-platform, an end-to-end DA processing solution, is doing just that, with great success, in such a short period of time. It is a much-needed solution that will transform the shipping industry by optimizing and automating key processes.

Its software maximizes the efficiency of the processes followed by internal disbursements departments in maritime companies. Also, it outsources capabilities for disbursement departments offering expertise, knowledge, and technology to take over the whole process and free up internal resources for its clients.

Leading Shipping Companies, Agencies and Vendors all around the world have already registered and hold their own account in Harbor Lab’s platform. More than 220 vessels are handled by our platform already. That is because Harbor Lab is not just offering a tool automating the appointment and DA processing. It has developed to a holistic service, tailored to every Disbursement Department’s needs, resulting in savings of time and money.

“It is a much-needed solution that will transform the shipping industry by optimizing and automating key processes...”

Key tools and features

Disbursement Process Optimization
The platform eliminates unnecessary manual actions and paperwork and prevents the risk of human error(s). Multiple appointments, notifications and requests can be sent to different Agencies and Vendors with just a click, while quotations, PDAs and FDAs are imported directly into the buyers’ systems for their easy and organized evaluation. In addition, Harbor Lab offers a 24/7 support service ensuring the smooth Company’s transition to a stress-free process that improves workflows and outcomes.

With Harbor Lab, a streamlined appointment process is available. Cost analysis for each port call is available to the Shipowners. Requests for quotations can be sent to multiple Agencies and Vendors only with a click and their offers can be provided accordingly. Launch costs are also minimized, since our platform can achieve an effective coordination. A huge directory of available Agencies and Vendors at each port is also accessible. Each Buyer is able to customize its own evaluation processes and apply them to the platform, making change of previous ways or daily routines unnecessary.


Position List
This can be an one and only go-to place, in order to have an overview of your whole fleet. Keep record of your vessels’ positions and obtain business intelligence about your fleet and operations. Keep track of your port calls efficiently organized. Needless to say that it can be integrated with the DA processing tool


Cost estimator
Harbor Lab can provide you instantly, and with full transparency, estimations of port expenses and costs. Imagine avoiding losing precious time and money from contacting brokers, agents and other third parties to request this information. Imagine being able to have this intel well in advance before a vessel is fixed. With easy access to Harbor Lab’s platform, you gain accurate insight on how and where your financial resources are allocated. On top of that you are able to customize the cost analysis according to your vessel’s characteristics.

For all the above, data insights and comprehensive reports tailored to your needs are available to you anytime. Enhance your decision making with accurate insights and important information collected from the platform’s daily use.


Competitive advantages
Harbor Lab is run by a ‘family’ of greek experienced professionals serving a sector where Greece is clearly a world leader.
Harbor Lab is prepared to customize its services according to the client’s needs, existing policies and procedures.
An account manager is assigned to each Buyer being the person in charge for all matters related to his Company and is always available to provide support when needed.

What near future holds for Harbor Lab

The company is constantly investigating new areas in the industry that require automation and improvement and aims at always expanding its range of provided services. In this context, the next features of Harbor Lab under development include Port Directory, Recommendation Engine, KYC and Bunkering services optimization. Stay on-board for the fastest, easiest and most convenient voyage in our waters and our Harbor. The early adopters of the new technologies will win it all.


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